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Duration 3-4 hours, depending on the number of participants, 10-50 persons.

Upon arrival to the track, we start by presenting the teachers, cars - different European and Japanese models, and the track’s different parts for following practises.

1. Correct sitting position
- this is the foundation you build your driving skills on

2. Handling the steering wheel
- also one of the basic things you have to master

3. Acceleration
- special skills in using clutch and accelerator pedal in slippery/snowy conditions will be taught and practised

4. Braking
- efficient braking without loosing control of the car is the most important skill in driving in slippery conditions

5. Use of handbrake
- in some emergency situations a skillful use of handbrake can save you from an accident

6. Slides
- controlling slides on ice and snow will be practised. You will put the car into a slide and then correct it

7. Over- and understeering
- both over- and understeering types of cars will be used for practise on a slalom course to show their differences

Basic information
Time and date: Winter
Duration: 3-4 hours
Availability: On request
Location: Rovaniemi
Destination: Rovaniemi
Credit cards: -
Suitable for: -
Languages: -
Price includes: -
For extra price: -
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